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Funny Advice

1. Eat It, Don't Tweet It

In other words, stop taking photos of your food. See also Hipsters, Internet.

Added by a Guest on March 27, 2012| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Jobs

2. Merch Girl or Guy

They're "with the band". See also Hipsters, Music.

Added by Amanda on October 3, 2009| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Tattoos

3. Fauxtoo

Outside of MisShapes one night a drunken hipster was proudly showing me his "fauxtoo", which was a tattoo he had drawn on his arm with a Sharpie marker. It was a penis with boobs. See also Hipsters.

Added by Frank on June 16, 2007| 2 Comments | You Like This |

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