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Funny Things to Do

1. Meeting Horrid People and Picking Up Bad Habits

What one must avoid whilst traveling. See also Travel.

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Funny Words

3. Absquatulate

1. To depart in a hurry
2. To die
3. To abscond
1. We must absquatulate before the Wicked Witch arrives!
2. I am going to break the news of your aunt's absquatulation as seriously as possible.
3. That man just absquatulated with your horse. See also Crime, Travel.

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Funny Things

4. SkyMall

An airplane seat-pocket catalog that in a recent issue included such items as shoes with springs, the "Keep Your Distance" bug vacuum, a pet observation porthole for fences, a ten-minute marination machine, and an eagle-embossed denim jacket. See also Travel.

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Funny People

5. DJ Joey Jam

Resident mix master on Norwegian Cruise Line's newest pleasure boat, the Norwegian Gem. See also Travel.

Added by Anthony on December 21, 2007| Comment | You Like This |

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