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Funny Drinks

11. Four Loko

Party in a can. Named after it's four main ingredients... alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and guarana... Loko right? See also Alcohol, Teenagers.

Added by SLOWCOOKR on April 19, 2011| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Things to Do

12. Saying "Like" All the Time

At some point in life, you have to outgrow this. It's like, really annoying, when people say it, like, all the time. But then like, you're talking to this person who is like doing it, and you're like suppressing the urge to like totally laugh in his face. See also Teenagers.

Added by Tim on February 26, 2009| 6 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Clothes

13. Top Hats Shop

Worn by Vaudeville tap dancers and overzealous kids at prom. See also Old-Timey, Teenagers.

Added by a Guest on July 30, 2008| 1 Comment | You Like This |

Funny Clothes

14. Abstinence Sweatpants

Now on sale at K-Mart. See also Sex, Teenagers.

Added by Ryan on June 14, 2008| 3 Comments | You Like This |

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