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Funny Things to Do

1. Entering Sea World with a Fishing Pole

See also Fish.

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Funny Nicknames

2. The Malefic Trout

See also Fish.

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Funny Clothes

3. Platform Shoes with a Goldfish in the Heel

Because nothing is more groovy than dancing the night away with an aquatic animal going belly-side up in your shoe. See also Fish, Shoes.

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Funny Foods

4. Surströmming

Quite literally sour herring. It's fermented with care (!) for about a year. When the can starts to bulge, it's time to eat. Often eaten outdoors because of its awful stench and even then not much approved of by anyone within 1000 feet. See also Fish, Swedish.

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Funny Animals

5. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

A Hawaiian fish. See also Fish, Songs.

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Funny Phrases

6. Meat Without Feet

See also Fish, Meat.

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