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Funny Nicknames

1. The Momster

Your Mom after she counts to three. See also Horror, Parents.

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Funny Things to Do

2. Making One's Eyes Bug out at a Restaurant when First Looking at the Check

This is a classic Dad Joke, where one pretends to be astonished at the $7.13 one is paying for coffee and a sandwich (best used if there is another person at the table to appreciate the humor). See also Parents.

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Funny Sayings

3. I'll Give You Something to Cry About

Something Dad would say when we were already crying. See also Parents.

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Funny People

4. Fun Dad

Normal Dad just gives you a check in your birthday card....
Fun Dad has a $20 bill up his sleeve which "magically" slides into your hand when the handshake is over.

There is a fine, fine line between Fun Dad and Creepy Uncle. See also Parents.

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