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Funny Insults

1. Who's This Clown?

A doubly hurtful thing to say because it implies that the person you're insulting is a) a clown, and b) not a very well known clown. See also Clowns.

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Funny Anti-Jokes

2. Why Did Ronald McDonald's Wife Leave Him

The marriage was bad. See also Clowns, Marriage.

Added by PYRo358 on October 10, 2016| 4 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Names

3. Donald McDonald

What they call Ronald McDonald in Japan because of the Japanese language's lack of an "R" sound. See also Clowns, Fast Food, Japanese.

Added by ozziekitty on November 17, 2015| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Jobs

4. Funeral Clown

No, seriously, it's a job. Google it. See also Clowns, Death.

Added by a Guest on January 28, 2014| 5 Comments | You Like This |

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