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Funny Clothes

1. Jean Diapers Shop

Aka Little Movers. See also Babies, Denim.

Added by Anthony on May 20, 2010| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Things to Do

2. Omphalomancy

Predicting how many children a mother is going to have by counting the number of knots on her first born child's umbilical cord. See also Babies, Mothers.

Added by benguin94 on November 8, 2009| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Products

3. Sick Bear

A vessel for vomiting children. And I thought those were just called "buckets" or "toilets". See also Babies, Bathroom, Unnecessary.

Added by a Guest on June 5, 2009| 1 Comment | You Like This |

Funny Products

4. Baby Bangs

Made just for little girls. See also Babies, Hair.

Added by Brian on April 1, 2009| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Books

5. The Secret Language of Babies Shop

No lie, babies communicate in a top-secret language. I saw it on Oprah. See also Babies.

Added by Tyler on November 14, 2006| 1 Comment | You Like This |

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