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Funny Quotes

1. "Smoking Kills. If You're Killed, You've Lost a Very Important Part of Your Life"

Brooke Shields may or may not have said this. See also Celebrities, Smoking.

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Funny Things

2. Douche Flute

This thing. See also Smoking.

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Funny Products

3. Electronic Cigarrettes

See also Smoking, Tobacco.

Added by Meez on April 18, 2011| 3 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Things to Do

4. Glamorously Smoke Steam in the Wintertime

Drunk? Bored? At a lame college football game and need a break? Glamorously smoke steam with your girlfriends and giggle all the way to the bathroom. See also Smoking.

Added by PinkBike on March 22, 2011| Comment | You Like This |

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